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Irony News is satire website that CREATES content with no reliable sources for fun,satirical stories,sarcastic new, entertainment,humour,funny irony in life,events.

we make funny stories and add satire lines,satirical comments in most of our reports,satire article.

The reports are created with intention of being funny or humorous,but ironically it might achieve its target most of the times.

We intend to bring the latest satire reports,satire articles in the form of satire stories,political satires,humorous funny fake headlines,ironical stories,funny jokes for adults or any other form which might bring miles to the reader.

We tweak news to attract your attention in the form of humour,satire,sarcasm,irony ,fake news,etc. Irony news is not related to any declared or undeclared news source,organization,agency etc.


Content of this website is a work of fiction. The content, despite being fictional with full of fictitious characters,fictitious situations, for wit,humour, might prove to be a little offensive to various parties; we apologize for hurting your sentiments in advance.

After all we are just ironically CREATING news, so avoid believing these articles or stories.

The website intends to humor people over the (physical and mental) age of 18 years. So if you are below 18, please close this window at once.

Irony News is a satire website for social satire,funny political satire, funny articles,satirical stories,sarcastic fake news,jokes,humour.We create fictional stories,fictitious characters,fictitious news ,they dont exist

Irony News is a satire website, and our intentions are not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or spread rumors or bring disrepute to anyone (person, organization or an idea) living or dead.

If at all it appears so, it’s either completely unintentional or thoroughly misinterpreted by someone.

Please dont read the content of this website if you are not too comfortable with the idea of news satire.

Please do not confuse the literal content of the news reports of Irony News as being genuine and true,unless and untill specificed.

we use fictional names of people in its “news reports”, except when public figures and/or organizations .

The fictional names have every chance of being real names in the real world, but their use by irony News is purely coincidental and is not intended to satirize or mock that person,animal and/or organization or idea or living or non living thing living or dead.

Complaint redressal

If you are offended by any content on this website, or have any other objection in general, please get in touch with us.

with your point of view and contact details, and we’d try to address your concern.

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